AMA’s Goes to Great Heights with Pink…

The Grammy winner, 38, was suspended several stories up in the air from the side of the 34-floor JW Marriott hotel in downtown L.A. as she rehearsed on Friday, November 17, and in a video posted on her Instagram account, Pink admitted she was nervous before she prepped for the daredevil stunt.
“I’m just afraid I’m going to get up there and be like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’” the “What About Us” singer said. “I don’t care about heights, I just care about being able to actually breathe up there.”
“This was a fine idea,” she quipped before she was strapped into her harness.
“I feel the fear this time,” she added as she was shown rehearsing her aerial moves. “This is nothing you can prepare for.”

In a video posted by ABC 7, the singer can be seen doing choreographed moves to her music by pushing off against the hotel’s windows.
“This is by far the craziest, most insane thing I’ve ever attempted to do,” Pink admitted in the video. “This is the first time that I’ve ever panicked.”
“It’s pretty amazing,” one fan told ABC. “I mean she’s up there dancing on the side of a building.” 
Pink is set to open the AMAs on Sunday, November 19, with Kelly Clarkson, but it’s unclear if her stunt is part of the opening number or for another performance later in the show.
The American Music Awards air on ABC on Sunday, November 19, at 8 p.m. ET.

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