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My every day life told from a fashion expert's point of view. Also sharing my industry insider adventures, exclusive fashion stories, my love for Beauty and everything cosmopolitan! Whether it be to told, shot, or seen, this a serves as an archive to my creative projects and brand collaborations. If you feel you have something to contribute please contact,

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Fashion styling is a true love for me coming from a fashion photographer a background I photographed many celebrities and influential people. I started Styling these clients of mine who didn't have a Fashion stylist at that the time. So me, who always admired the fashion that I photographed, would then end up styling my clients for the shoot, and then some of them would then hire me to be there personal fashion stylist. I eventually relocated to Hollywood in pursuit of starting my career as a celebrity fashion stylist.


photography to me has open many outlets. Having over 12 years experience in the field it has led me to the fashion world as I photographed fashion during New York Fashion Week, Teen Vogue, and many other publications. Freelancing for many years, I have used this medium to create my fashion repertoire.


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